When the cat’s away…

We got home last night late.  We had been in Albuquerque for a youth rally that Stuart and my brother put on.  It was a flaming success and they had a great time!  I had a good time visiting with family and stuff.  Unfortunately I rashly decided to get a shorter haircut.  Came away with a really awful hack job that is too short.  I don’t like it at all, and all I can think of is how long it will take to grow out to even begin to look decent.  Hmmmm…. guess it’s good I’m not too vane or I’d just walk around with a bag over my head for the next 6 months. 🙂  *sigh*  Moving on, while we were driving home Stuart and I discussed the lack of cat situation at our house.  I really want to get one fast, as in TOMORROW so the mice don’t get comfy.  We’re agreed on the need for a cat though so that’s good.  However after we arrived home 10pmish we were unpacking stuff, getting Bubba to bed and all that when Stu informed me that there were 2 mice drowned in a bowl of water that we leave outside for the dog.  GROSS!!!  Man, Thomas has only been gone for about a week and already they are getting bold.  I despise wild mice!!  I actually had one for a pet once, not a wild mouse, but a petshop mouse, and he was great!  Stunk to high heaven, but I liked him.  But scampering nibbling, pooping, invading mice I do NOT like and will not tolerate!  So this means war.  I’m going to set some traps in case they have already invaded the house, and then when I go to town I’m going to get a cat!

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