Mommy’s day out

Well, today I’m going to take advantage of the grandparent factor and take the day “off.” 😉  Is that possible?  Qade is one of my favorite people to hang out with all the time, BUT it would be nice to have a couple of hours all by me onesy.   I think I’ll do a little shopping, and then maybe just crash at a coffee place and write. 🙂  I’ve always liked to write and journal, but lately there always seems to be something else to do.  My blog kind of doubles for it, but it’s still fun sometimes to just write with a pen on actual paper.  Ha ha!  Qade will have a fabulous time with grandma, and I know grandma will have a wonderful time with “her boy” too!  My parents have totally taken over our child. 🙂  This morning my dad was asking what I was doing to “their baby.”  Ha ha!  I suppose I knew it would happen.  I mean, I enjoyed being spoiled by grandparents when I was growing up too.  Qade has already figured out that he has his grandparents, aunts and uncles totally wrapped around his chubby little fingers.  What’s more is he just loves it!  Pretty funny!  Well, I’m off to enjoy my day.  Hope you all enjoy yours as well.