Final Farewell To Thomas

Some of you have read about our Thomas the cat saga from time to time.  He was a stray cat who was living here when we arrived.  He decided right away that we would be his family.  Made himself quite at home too I might add. 🙂  I wanted to keep him around because he was obviously a great hunter as evidenced by the shredded rat that he left on the porch.  Anyway, Thomas’ paw was against every other creature except our dog Cisco.  They found a truce early on in their relationship, the cat was the boss, and they got along great!  I did have to kick Thomas out of the house because once Qade became mobile, the cat didn’t have much patience for him.  I wasn’t willing to let Qade learn the hard way not to pull on tails.  But Thomas liked it outside, he could fight to his heart’s content, and then if he had a rough night he’d come back to a nice bed, food and water out on the porch.  From time to time he’d come back with war wounds, and I knew he was picking fights with things that had better be left alone.  Most of the time, though, he was fine and back at it in a couple of days.  Last week however, he came back looking worse than he ever looked.  My amazingly brave sis-in-law was here visiting, and we attempted to clean him up.  It was obvious that he’d been in a big row with a canine of some kind.  We have coyotes and roaming dogs around here, so it had to be one of them.  Thomas was in pretty bad shape.  He was all infected and not very mobile.  I was amazed that he made it home alive considering he had a bite mark on the back of his neck.  He must have fought hard!  Well, my mom-in-law wanted to take him to the vet so Friday we did, and the diagnosis was not good.  She decided that the best thing to do would be to help Thomas out of his misery.  It’s sad.  He was my first cat, and I really did like him.  Now that it’s warming up, the mice and snakes will be coming around, so his presence will be missed.  We’re looking for another cat, but the memory of Thomas will stay with us.

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