Finger food and milk

Today for lunch Qade had viana sausage (cut in forths) and torn up cheese slices (he loves this!) a gerber wagon wheel, and real milk!  It was a great finger food meal, and he did it himself!  I think he enjoys the independence of eating on his own.  I’m enjoying the independence too!  I still feed him his baby food, or oatmeal and such from a spoon though… I’m not ready to turn that instrument over!  It would be an enormous disaster.  Qade is on the last itty bitty bit of his formula and then will be completely on milk!  Yay!  He’s becoming such a big boy!  I know it’s “technically” a month early, but I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m not always going to do everything by the Accociation of Pediatrics’ book. 🙂

Yesterday we ran to camp to get some stuff for the youth rally next week.  There’s still snow in patches down there, but it was a BEAUTIFUL day!  I found a dry spot and Qade and I played on the ground.  I fully expected him to put everything he came across into his mouth like he does at the house.  Oh no!  He was totally taken aback by the “weird” textures of the grass and leaves under his hands.  It was HILARIOUS to watch him crawl very slowly around trying to figure it all out.  He did eventually taste test some leaves and a clump of dirt, but didn’t like either and only ended up with mud around his mouth.  Ha ha ha!  We had a great time!  I know he’s going to have a blast at camp this summer.  I’m sure he’ll get over the tentative-ness of dirt and come in each day looking like a ragamuffin. 🙂  How fun!

Well Happy Easter to you all!  We had special services this morning including a breakfast, so there is no evening service tonight.  We’re going to use the time to have a family hike out in the beautiful sunshine!  I just wish my allergies would go away so I could breathe without sneezing my lungs out!