Busy week

Well, it’s spring break here!  Yay!  That means that Stu gets to be at home!!  His mom and sis are coming up today sometime, and then his dad will arrive on Wednesday.  Should be a fun time.  Sage will still be here, but there will be more hands to help with the regular stuff, so it should be an easier week on me too. 🙂  I just love it when Stu can be around more.  Summer camp is fun, but the downside is that we’re so busy that I feel like we hardly see each other.  Last summer with a very new baby was rough!  This summer though, with his schnazzy back pack and most likely walking feet, I think Qade will be able to be more involved too.  He and I can help Daddy set up for games, and such.  I’m looking forward to it!

Qade has started just in the past couple days, screaming for his food.  This does NOT go over well with Mommy who thinks that manners can’t be taught early enough.  He has learned the sign for “more,” but I always say “More, Please” so that he gets used to hearing that too.  Now that I know he knows the sign, I’ve been a little more insistent that he use it especially since the screaming started.  So this morning I got him up, happy head!  He’s so chipper in the mornings!  I put him in his seat and started fixing his formula/milk.  I’m introducing him to whole milk now and after this can of formula is gone we will buy it no more- hurray!  Anyway, he was perfectly fine till he saw the cup and then he started the screaming deal.  So I asked him, “more please” so that he could nicely ask for his drink rather than scream.  Do you think he was willing to do the simple sign?  Oh no!  He does have a stubborn streak. (wonder where he got that- hee hee)  So I set the cup on the counter and went about making breakfast while he wailed and screached.  Eventually he wound down and asked “more, please” and I eagerly gave him his sippy cup.  Poor boy.:-)  It’s hard to learn to be patient and not fuss, but I know he can, so I’m expecting him to.  I want him to learn the sign for please, but it’s a little more difficult than more, so we’ll work on it little by little.  The point is he needs to know how to “ask” nicely for things rather than crying for them.

Well, I’ve been in the “mood” for lasagna lately, but have been too lazy to make it.  Now that we’re having company I believe I will tonight.  I have all the “stuff” just haven’t put it together yet.  I got these noodles that supposedly you don’t have to cook before you use them in the lasagna, but I’ve never used them before, so I’m slightly nervous that they won’t “cook” right and we’ll have chewy noodles.  I’m sure it won’t be that bad though or else they wouldn’t keep selling them.  Oh and just an aside, I hate cooking and baking in a gas stove.:-(  I really hate the smell, and the temps never seem to be quite right.  I have to bake things at least 25* lower than what it calls for, and take it out at the earliest time if not before or it will be overdone.  Hmmmm…. maybe I just don’t know the knack of it yet.  Well, have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.   Hope you don’t get pinched.:-)

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