Hurray for solid poop!

Is it taboo to talk about baby poop on a blog?  My dad would say absolutely yes!  He always jumps off the phone and dives for cover if he says the conversation is turning towards baby poop.  But when you’re a new mom that’s one of the things that comprise your life!  Anyway, if you’re grossed out you don’t have to read, but I’m just excited that Qade has had 2 days of “normal” poopies.  That comes after nearly a week of diarrhea.  I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  No fever, no new teeth, no yucky nose.  Just icky diapers.  So I put him on the BRAT diet which is bananas, rice, apples(sauce) and toast.  I didn’t actually give him toast though, I used saltine crackers instead.  I stopped giving him juice in the afternoon and gave him pedialite instead.  He actually drank and enjoyed it this time!  Apparently it has worked or he’s just through whatever it was that bugged him.  Thankfully!!  A couple of those diapers I thought were going to “dun me in.”  Blah!  I wasn’t terribly worried about him being “sick” as he had no other symptoms, and I knew he wasn’t dehydrated because of the copious amounts of drool he was leaving everywhere.  Still it does take a load off to have the “issue” resolved.:-)

Today is a LAZY Saturday as far as I’m concerned.  I believer I’ll try to take a walk, or maybe we’ll hike somewhere with Bubba in his backpack, but I’m not going to try to “do” anything.:-)  Ahhhhhh, bliss!  I love the weekends!  Especially a weekend before spring break!  And I’m not going to have Sage till Tuesday, so that helps me relax even more!  Ta ta friends!

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