Off the bottle

Qade is now officially off his bottle!  He’s totally on sippys now.  He successfully drank from one with a “plug” as I call a valve, last night.  He has been drinking from a sippy cup for all of his meals and juice, and only taking a bottle at bed time.  Recently though he seemed more interested in playing with the bottle than drinking from it, so I figured he was ready to give it up.  Just one more milestone on the journey to grow up. 🙂  Awwwww, it happens way too fast!

Today has been interesting anyway.  Qade’s had the runs, and Sage is moving stuff out pretty well too, so I’ve been changing like a zillion REALLY stinky diapers!  I nearly succumbed to one of Qade’s this morning.  I’ll spare you all of the details and just leave you with one word. EVERYWHERE!;-)  But we had a good day any how.  Lots of playing lost of talking lots of ‘sharing’ toys. 🙂  Qade and Sage just snatch the ‘interesting’ toy away from each other.  They haven’t figured out to be upset yet when someone takes something.  It’s pretty funny to watch.  Sage will have “it” and will be waving it all around, then Qade snatches it, he munches it for a bit, then *snatch* it’s back in Sage’s possession.  Funny funny!
Well hope you all have enjoyed Lime Green Thursday!  It’s also my Pappy’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Dad!  Love you!!!

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