Blustery Day

This morning started out very sweet and sunshiny, but now the wind is blowing as if this is it’s last chance!!   I would rather it blew itself away so I could go for a walk, but there’s no way I’m going to fight the gale just for some outside time.  I’m still not “over” this nasty bug, and occasionally find myself hacking up a lung.  I’m sure the wind wouldn’t help that at all.  Anyway, my dad was here this morning just to spoil his grandson. 🙂  They have great fun together and I love to watch!  Dad was passing through for a conference in Phoenix, so we got to snitch a little time with him.  Sage is finally sitting up on his own!  Qade thinks it is great!  Sage is still a little topsy and wobbles over onto his belly from time to time, but he’s getting it.  He and Qade will just sit together and “chat.”  It’s so funny!  I feel kind of left out because I don’t understand ‘baby.’  Well, I think I’m going to “cheat” on dinner tonight and just have Marie Calander’s pot pies. 🙂  Although I did get a “Simple and Delicious” magazine in the mail today so I’ll be looking for awesome, easy recipes in there for future days.  Hope you all are having a swell week.

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