Miss Potter, sniffles and sunshine!

Wednesday was a rotten day for me health wise.  I didn’t go to church for prayer meeting, but Stu did and he borrowed a movie from our friends called “Miss Potter.”  It’s the story of Beatrix Potter.  She happens to be one of my favorite children’s authors.  Well, I wasn’t in the “mood” to watch a movie, but Stuart was so sure that I’d LOVE it that he convinced me to at least start it.  So we did, and of course, I got so hooked that we had to watch the whole thing!  It was great!  Stuart liked it too except for the sad part.:-(  But anyway, that was fun, and it took my mind off of my troubles and throbbing head for a little bit. (besides Stuart rubbed my head a bunch while we were watching it- hee hee)  Then Thursday was a pretty icky day for me too.  I had a migraine on top of the awful cough and stuffy nose.  However today the sun was shining brightly and it got really warm out!  I had Sage here today or else Qade and I would have been out enjoying it all day.  I felt much better and actually got some stuff done, amazingly enough!  When Stu got home I headed for the hills!  I intended to take my 2 mile walk, but at the top of the first big hill I was already tuckered out, so I didn’t go the whole way.  Still it was warm enough to make me think of spring, and it also made me crave watermelon!!!!  I love watermelon, and now I can hardly wait till it’s actually in season!!   No particular plans for this weekend, but I’m sure it’ll be good anyway.  As long as I keep feelin’ better and better.  Ta ta for now!