This morning dawned bright and early. 🙂  Happens that way doesn’t it.  Stuart is staying home from work today ill.  🙁  Poor man!  Wish I could make him feel better.  Qade seems to be pretty happy this am, so here’s hoping that he’s over whatever it’s been that’s bugging him.  I’m just feeling quite lazy today.  I have a ZILLION things to do and I think that’s why I’m resistant to doing anything.  If I only had a few things to do I’d just knock em out and get it over with, but no… I realize I could probably work all day and still not be ‘caught up.’  Bah- humbug!  So here I sit doinkin’ around on the computer, sipping coffee, and not doing anything!  Well, actually I have already started the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.  I still need to sweep/mop the ick kitchen floor, disinfect the counter tops and Qade’s seat.  Finish unpacking from last weeks travels, and vacuum.  Blah!  It’s not likely all going to happen today.  I still have a sick hubby to take care of, an adventurous boy to entertain, and I believe Sage is coming over today as well.  Should be fun!  Hope you all are having a swell Monday!

Oh, you need to check out the “mommy moments” post on the babyhacks site!  It’s a sweet story!

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