Well, here it is Sunday morning, and we’re skipping church.  Not exactly, we figured that whatever it is we’ve got floating around here no one else would want, so it’s an act of mercy actually.  Poor Stuart was up till 1am dealing with his schnozzler, as he put it.  He spent the entire night on the recliner just trying to breathe!  Qade was sooo sleepy last night.  I put him to bed, but he was having troubles with his nose too by the way he kept rubbing it.  So after 2 or 3 failed attempts at him staying asleep, he got to get up and have a little juice while we watched him play.  I put him back down after 9 thinking that this would be one of our “slumber party” nights, but he did stay asleep after that!  YAY!  I was so tired, but didn’t sleep well myself.  So this morning we bleary eyed, red nosed, icky feeling people couldn’t make it out.  Stuart is now peacefully sleeping in his bed!  I’m so glad!  I felt awful for him yesterday!  He was doing everything he could think of to make his nose feel better, and nothing worked.  I think he’s been through 3 or 4 boxes of kleenex.  Qade hasn’t been that bad, in fact, his nose hasn’t run at all, but I think it’s stuffy.  Nose drops help, but boy he puts up a fight at getting them.

Anyway, that’s basically what’s going on in our house.  I’m going to look online and see if I can find an EASY chicken soup recipe.  I don’t feel all that swell myself, so I don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, but chicken soup does sound good, and maybe it’ll help us all to feel a bit better!  Hope you all are having a much better day where ever you are!

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