I hate to sew!!!

I took 4H for 2 years when I was in upper elementary. The first year I loved it! It was sooo much fun! I made a book tote and a skirt. I’m not sure what else. The second year though I had a different instructor and a much bigger class. I spent most of my time (I didn’t finish it) ripping seams because it got sewn on the wrong direction, or the machine was set on the wrong stitch. Finally when we were going on a family vacation my mom said “enough.” The lady “teaching” wanted me to take along my sewing so I could, yet again, rip out the seam. *sigh* Since that fiasco I have had “moments of inspiration” where I though that it would be so fun to sew. However, I’ve never liked anything I’ve sewn, AND I’ve run into frustration at every turn. Despite all of that I was determined to cut down the curtains for Qade’s room. They were way too long for the windows and I thought it looked goofy! So I borrowed my mom’s machine and went to work. How hard can it be to hem some curtains?? WELL… first the machine wasn’t set on the right tension so before I realized it, I had one hem sewn and it was awful looking. Out came the ever faithful seam ripper! Somehow in the process of ripping (there were several occasions today) I managed to stab my thumb with the thing! It’s sharp!!! At last though, I got the tension adjusted and all 5 panels hemmed! Whew! I thought it would never happen. Especially when I was rushing through the last one because Qade was awake from his nap, and the bobbin ran out of thread! ARG!!! No, friends, that part of the “domestic” life will never settle with me. I shall not be a sewing fiend. There are many people who enjoy it, and can do it well, some of my very own friends. However if it’s there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that what makes one person happy and relaxed can be maddening to someone else. 🙂 Isn’t it great that we can all be different and still be friends? 🙂 Hope all of you sewers and non-sewers are having a fabulous day!  It’s snowing here and my man got to come home early!  Yay!!

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