Here’s the room

Okay, so it’s still not ‘totally’ done, because I don’t have the wall stuff up yet, but the paint is finished, and today we hung the curtains (though they aren’t in these pictures) and took down the blinds. I really don’t care for blinds, especially mini. For some reason the pictures had a hard time uploading, but these will at least give you an idea of what Qade’s room looks like.
This was the first step. Taping!! It took FOREVER, but I’m too sloppy of a painter to try it without tape! 🙂
Next we painted the top half. It looked really “minty” when we started, and I was a little worried, but it turned out great!
My amazing “Mr. Fix it” worked on the ‘patch” while I panted around it.
Here’s Bubba enjoying his new “green” space. 🙂 Except a slightly more green than normal spot on the carpet it all went off without a hitch. Eventually we will have a chair rail where the 2 colors “meet.” Right now it’s just a thin white stripe. Doesn’t look too bad for amatures, huh?

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