Sleepy Mommy

Qade slept like a champ last night!!  Yay!  He needed it too, he was even still a “leeeetle” bit grumpy this morning.  He must have a sleep deficit.  I do that’s for sure!  I slept kinda, sorta, not so well last night.  I need my Stu to keep me warm or something. 🙂  I haven’t heard from him since the voice mail that I got saying he was safe in “L’usinana.”  I’m sure they are keeping him hopping with the camp sessons and all.  I miss him oodles though.  We were NOT meant to be apart! 

I’m having a good time though despite the lack of sleep.  This morning I went for a hike with my dad in the foothills.  I also took the dumb dog.  Stuart asked me to take him for a walk if I got the chance.  He doesn’t walk on the leash enough to be enjoyable in my estimation, but he did pretty well once I choked him enough into submition. 🙂  NOT REALLY!!  Don’t call PETA on me or anything.  Later, I went to lunch at the Olive Garden with my bro and sis-in-law.  We had soup and salad!  A very yummy lunch and “light” because we’re having steak tonight for my other bro’s birthday.  However “light” we anticipated it being, my brother ate 3!!! bowls of soup!  Olive Garden is good, what can we say?

Qade’s picture appointment went well!  I was impressed with Sears portrait studio.  It is more expensive in some ways, and with the package we don’t get as many pictures, but I still think it’s sufficient.  I got their “Smile Saver” club thing, and it totally pays for itself in 2 visits!  I’m ready to be totally satisfied with them.  The only problem I had was that ALL the pics look sooooo good that I had a really hard time choosing.  I know we have our own great camera now that takes wonderful photos, BUT when I see his cutie grin on those photos I just want to buy them all!  Stu’s better at saying no than I am…. but he wasn’t here today. 😉 

Well, best go, we must get ready for the birthday celebration for my “little” brother.  Hope you all have a swell week!  Ta ta

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