Tis after 1 am and I’m up because bubba has decided he’d rather scream the night away than sleep. 🙁  It’s not fun for any of us.  His dad is working with him right now, but he doesn’t seem to like that either. *sigh*  Sometimes I just wish he could talk so he could at least tell us why he is upset.  I gave him some orajel and ibuprofen for his teeth, in case that’s what’s been triggering all of this, but it hasn’t seemed to help him calm down at all.  I know we can’t drag him into bed with us every time he decides to have a screaming jag, but it does really wear on me to listen to him scream.  That’s why I’m out here.  I can still hear him, but it’s not as bad as sitting right in there with him.  Poor Stuart has to fly out tomorrow for a camp conference thing, and he’s going to be beat as he is certainly not getting any sleep right now.  I’m going on night number 3 for lousy sleep.  Oh well, I guess it just goes that way when you have kids.

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