I haven’t been blogging this week, had you noticed?  I guess things were too busy or I was sleepy or something… hmmmm…. what in the world has been going on?  Well, Stu has been working like a maniac this week.  They had parent/teacher meetings so that always takes a bit more time.  I’ve been busy at home as usual with my 2 munchkins.  Sage is feeling much better although the poor boy is still on medication.  I really hope he can just get well.  His breathing still sounds rattley.  Personally, and I’m NOT a doctor so take what it’s worth, I think he’s got bad allergies or asthma.  He’s not been “clear” sounding since I’ve known him.

My mom and Dad came in on Monday and we had Steak and ‘taters for dinner.  Nummy!  There’s this great steak called Morton’s Tri-Tip and it is delicious!  Thank you Tyler Jones for telling us about it!  So the grandparents were here to spoil Mr. Qade all day on Tuesday, and he just ate it up of course. 🙂  It’s fun when family comes to visit!

So here it is Valentine’s day… I had to call my best bud and wish her a “former singles awareness day” since that’s what we used to celebrate before we were both married. 🙂  It was funny!  When we were in college, and even after, we would make it a tradition to wear black on V-day.  The funniest part was that we weren’t depressed, we were just as jolly and chipper as could be.  Fun memories, but Valentine’s is great now that I have my two guys to share it with.  It’s Qade’s first, and he doesn’t seem too impressed, but I’m sure one day he’ll at least love the candy part!

Toodles friends.  I shall post some pictures on here for your viewing pleasure and so you don’t get totally bored and never visit my blog again.  🙂

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