Suns Shine!

Hey all!  For Christmas I bought Stuart tickets to a Phoenix Suns game.  They just happen to be his most favorite team ever in the whole wide world.  So the game is on Friday and we’re heading down to Phoenix for it!  I’m not “wild” about basketball, but I like it for my hubby’s sake when the Suns are playing.  They have just recently acquired “Shaq.”  So we’ll see if he makes an appearance tomorrow!  That would be something!  Today we drove over to Stu’s parent’s place, and are camped out here.  Qade is going to get to spend his tomorrow afternoon and evening with Grandma and Grandpa!  Yay, fun!  I just hope he’ll go to bed easily for them.  He tends to have some issues when he’s not in his own room.  Which looks fabulous by the way, I’m sure he has much better dreams now. 🙂  But yesterday he had a bit of a fever and today was warm still too, so I’m not sure what he’s fighting, but he seems mostly happy.

Well, hope you’re all planning a fun fun weekend, and pray that the Suns win tomorrow or my poor Stu will be SOOOO sad! 🙂