Woo Hoo

Well, Stuart had 2 days off of school this week because of the beautiful SNOW!! Yay! We got at least 8 inches over Monday. So Stu and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work in Qade’s room! Sage wasn’t coming on Monday anyway, so that worked out perfectly. We managed to get all of the painting and “patchwork” done in the room! I’m thrilled! It looks fabulous and I will be posting pictures of the process imminently. 🙂 We still have “stuff” to do to get it complete, but the biggest part is done. We want to put a chair rail around the room where the 2 colors meet (actually there’s a white stripe where the tape was). Then I still need to hem the curtains so we can take down the ugly blinds. I know what I want for the walls though so we just need to get it and put it up. Should be good to go very soon. I’ll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby when I’m in Albuquerque soon. 🙂

That’s the biggest thing that’s been going on. Because we were so busy working on Monday I didn’t make anything special for dinner, but we DID get pizza! Haven’t done that in a LONG time so it was fun fun fun! Today Sage did come, and the poor boy just can’t get well! He’s had several ear infections lately and now has this terrible sounding cough. Ugh! I wish he could just kick this stuff! He has always sounded congested to me for as long as I’ve watched him. One of his sisters has asthma pretty badly and I wonder if he doesn’t as well. Anyway, he fussed for awhile this morning, but slept for most of the afternoon. Qade has been behaving soooo well! He was extremely patient on Monday when Mommy and Daddy were so busy. What a trooper! He has decided that he loves to play with the cell phones! Ha! Only once when we put his grandma on speaker, he got a little freaked out and started crying. Poor guy, we were laughing though it was so funny!
We tried to go for a walk this afternoon. Got all bundled up, put Qade in the back pack, and about half way down our driveway I figured out that even though the sun had been shining, it was NOT warm out. The computer said it was like 26*, but we checked on the vehicle thing and it said 13*!! We thought we could make it part of the way, but realized that it was just too cold, and it wasn’t good for Qade to be out in it even though he seemed happy. So instead we piled into our 4 wheel drive and drove around in the snow! It was fun! We also took pics with our fun new camera. We’re having a blast with that thing! When we got home there was hot “hearty beef and barley” soup waiting for us! Mmm-mmmm good! And NO it was not campbells! 😉

Better stop for now, just wanted to give you all a glimpse into what’s been going on in our little lives.

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