A Painting we will go

Yep, yesterday it finally happened, we BEGAN to paint Qade’s room.  It’s going to be 2 toned, so of course it’ll take longer, but with my wonderfully hubby helping me (even though he hates to paint!) it went pretty fast.  It’s hard to paint around naptimes and meal times, but it worked out.  The “top half” is finished, yay!  This afternoon when Qade wakes up I’m going to apply some kind of texture stuff to the “patch” on the wall where we installed the baseboard heater.  THEN tomorrow Qade and I will wrap things up by painting the bottom half! 🙂  That’s the plan anyway, hopefully it all works out!  I’m just dying to have it done!  Poor boy is 9 months and still doesn’t have a baby room. 🙂  That’s okay though, he doesn’t seem to mind in the least and now we’ll just make it a “big boy” room.

Today it has been snowy some and WINDY!!  Wow has it been howling around the house.  It makes you feel cold to hear it blow like that…. methinks perhaps I need some more coffee “just because.”  No, we are not watching the Super Bowl today.  It wasn’t until sometime this week that I even knew it was in our state!!  I’m glad that we’re not an overly “sporty” family, and I’m also very glad that we don’t have T.V!  With as much time as we can waste on the computer, to have more media streaming into our lives would me we would never get anything done. 🙂  But for those of you who are into it, I hope you have a grand time watching.  May the best team win.

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