H2Oh bother!

Well, I’ve been trying to make healthier choices as far as food and nutrition goes.  It’s really been going pretty well actually.  I haven’t been bingeing on junk food or eating a lot of fattening stuff.  I’ve been opting for the more healthy recipes in my repertoire.  So over all things have been going well.  I’m still going to make a few changes.  For one we are going to have salad with every dinner for awhile.  Just a small salad will do, but it will help fill us up on the good stuff (not too much dressing-hee hee) and keep us from over eating other things.  I’m also going to have fruit at each dinner as well.  Stuart is great!  He is NOT a picky eater, even though I like to tease him that he is.  He is really a meat and potatoes guy, but he will happily eat just about anything I serve him.  He does like fruit and veggies, but most of the time won’t go for them unless I’ve paved the way.  We found these delicious apples called “honeycrisp” and they are SOOOOOOO good!  I bought them the first time just because the name sounded so good, but they really are.  So I’ll just whip out my handy dandy apple slicer/corer and volia there will be our fruit for the evening.  Also, I like to have dinner before 6pm whenever possible.  Sometimes it’s not, but most times we can pull it off.  It’s so much better for us to eat earlier.  When we were living in Greenville, I never got home from work before 6:30 so early dinners were impossible!  So was losing weight.:-)  Okay, so all of those things are positive lifestyle changes.  No problem, I can handle it!  However what I am having trouble with is the drink thing.  (sigh) No, it’s not THAT kind of drinking problem.  See, I tend to go through phases where I just LOVE drinking water and it’s basically all I want.  Then there’s the other phase where I just don’t like drinking water.  Sadly that’s where I am right now.  Oh, I haven’t been drinking coke and all those high calorie beverages instead… I just haven’t been drinking enough.  I have my 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and for dinner I usually have grape juice, but I know I should be drinking MUCH more water…  I’ll have to get creative on ways to make sure I’m drinking enough.  If you have any great suggestions, please leave a comment. 🙂  Ta ta for now, I’m off to guzzle some water!

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