Still waiting…

I’m still waiting for zooomr to get it’s data transfered to Japan or something so that I can upload some photos.  Apparently (according to their blog) they had some issues getting the hard drives through customs in Japan and THAT is why it’s taking so long…. Hmmmmm?  Why couldn’t they just keep it here?  I don’t get it!  Oh well, you all will just have to wait a little longer to see some of the awesome pics I’ve taken with my “Christmas present” 🙂

Today it’s been snowing!  I love to watch the snow fall.  I figure if it’s going to be gray and gloomy out, it might as well snow! Stuart got to come home early because of the weather, and now he’s napping on the couch.  He has earned it.  He woke up at 4:30 this morning!!!  I was completely dead to the world which is just the way I like it at that hour. Hee hee!  Anyway, now the sun has come out and looks really pretty on the snow!  Ahhh!  The world is a beautiful place!

Sage went home after only being here for maybe 2 hours today.  His mom was nervous about the weather (understandably) and decided to send him home with his grandma rather than have him on the road later with her.  I didn’t mind. 🙂  Gives me more time with just MY guys!  Qade hasn’t been napping well today.  He is in his room right now playing with his hands the last I looked.  I’m hoping he’ll drop off again.  He only slept for maybe 40 minutes at best.  I KNOW he needs more than that!

I got the floors swept and mopped today.  With as wet and soggy as it’s been lately the mud gets tracked in.  We take our shoes off in the utility room for the most part, but dirt is pretty sneaky and manages to work it’s way across the kitchen floor anyway.  I have beat it back for the time being, but I know I’ve only won the battle and there will be many more in this “war.” 🙂  I have not a clue what to make for dinner tonight.  Perhaps if I put it off long enough genius will strike.  Either way it will be something simple.  I’ve made “new” recipes twice in the past few days.  Neither were a flop, but they weren’t a smashing hit either, so something simple and “normal” (ha ha) would probably be the best idea for this evening.

ta ta friends!

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