Our Monday

It was still pretty early morning, Stuart had just been up for a little bit, and I was snuggling luxuriously under the warm covers drowsing in that blissful “I-don’t-have-to-get-up-for-another-half-hour” feeling.  Just after that I heard a weird noise, and Stu popped his head around the corner and said, “Was that thunder?”  See, I had thought he was doing something to make that noise, so I unwillingly woke up so I could better think about it.  Turns out it was icy snow blowing from the trees onto the roof. It’s an eery sound.  Right after I finally lugged myself out of the warm bed into the cold reality of a Monday morning the power flickered. *GASP* It came back on, flickered again, back on.  Whew!  We remember the week we were out of power in October because of the tree on the line.  BAM!  It was totally out this time.  By this point Qade was awake.  It was still dim enough in the wee morn light that we needed flashlights.  I got Qade up and changed him using a head lamp. He was rather amazed at this new glowy “thing” on Mommy’s head, but it worked.  Qade had his breakfast by candle light while Stu and I scrambled to pack up some stuff.  The temperature was rapidly dropping, and we don’t have wood for the stove right now, so we were going to head to Stuart’s grandparent’s house where their heat was still on.  Qade was supposed to have his 9 month exam at 10am, but we weren’t sure what the interstate would look like.  However, by the time we were packed up and ready to go the sun was bright and shiny.  He was mocking us I’m sure. 🙂  Turns out the paved roads were pretty clear so we decided to head to town for the appointment.  Might as well, it’s not like there’s much you can do with no power.  The power company said it should be on sometime that day.  I have no confidence in them though.  The trip to town went fine.  My poor boy had to have 3 shots. 🙁  I just feel like a  horrible person bringing him in all happy, and them taking him out so sad.  He didn’t stay sad for long though, and we were able to get some shopping done too.  When we did get back home the power was actually ON!!  Wow!  We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on things that needed to get done.  Stuart didn’t work because of the whole situation, so even though it was an inconvenience I was glad to get to spend part of my Monday with him.

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