Who needs 5 anyway?

One of my most favorite children’s stories is “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.”  One one of the pages he “left out 16” when he was counting and his reply was, “Who needs 16?”  It’s pretty funny, if you’ve never read it you should because we can all relate.  That’s kind of how I was thinking when I figured out the other day that the 5 on the microwave is no longer working!  What in the world?  I mean it’s only like 5 months old??  How can the 5 quit already?  Dumb machine. 🙂  I’m not too worried about it though.  In the larger picture the buttons on the ‘nuker’ don’t matter so much.  I have other things to occupy my mind.

Today it’s raining.  Isn’t it weird how weather affects your moods?  Sometimes on rainy days I feel “cozy” and just want to stay inside in slippers all day and read a book and sip a hot beverage. 🙂  Other times it makes me feel cold and lonely.  Strange.  It’s been a different kind of weekend.  I’ve had a couple of days with my always fun migrane hanging around.  It hasn’t been really bad, but it has been constant.  I think I really need a chiropractic adjustment.  Yesterday we went into town because Stu’s grandma is 80 this weekend!  So we had lunch with her and that was a good time.  I have quite the shopping list going, but fighting through the crowds on a Saturday is very un-fun, so we decided to wait.  I have to take Qade in for his 9 month exam on Monday anyway.  Poor boy will have to get more shots.  🙁  I never like that!  HOWEVER, I have become a proponent of immunizatons.  I’ve read and heard every arguement for and against them.  I have decided on my own that Qade won’t get the chicken pocks one, but other than that we’re going for it.  Whooping cough has been BIG this year and it’s mainly because there are a lot of people who haven’t had the immunizations.  Illegal immigrants for one, and people who don’t have their kids immunized because they are scared of the shots.  I know that there are occasions when people have had sever allergic reactions to the shots, and in decades past some children actually contracted the dieseas that the shot was for.  However, advances in medicine have really changed things a lot.   Anyway, my own personal oppinion is that unless there’s a medical condition that prevents it, immunizations should be given.  You never know when your child might come in contact with someone from overseas or even just a traveler who could be carrying who knows what.  The bennifits far outweigh the risks.  But that’s a rabbit trail huh?  I still don’t like to see Qade have to have shots, and he doesn’t like it either.  Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly.

My brain is a bit fuzzy today because we didn’t sleep well last night.  Qade sometimes has these issues, I don’t know if it’s “night terrors” or what, but he’ll wake up in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lungs, and even when I do get him back to sleep and bed, he doesn’t rest well, and will often wake again.  They don’t happen on a regular basis, so I’m kind of stumped about what the cause is.  That’s one thing about parenting, it’s one BIG learning experience.  Things may work beautifully one time, and the next have no effect at all!  Ha ha ha!  It’s an adventure, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Needless to say our bubby was really sleepy this morning.  He slept all through church!  Mommy might have wanted to as well, but it’s not as acceptable somehow. 🙂  Well, I’ll stop blabbing on about nothing.  Hope your weekends have been wonderful.

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