It’s a hard knock life

Poor Bubby was finding that out today.  He just seemed to be having one of “those days.”  Guess they come even when you’re very young.  First he was playing in his room and I heard a crash and then screaming.  Sometimes he falls and gets frustrated, but this sounded a little more urgent.  Turns out he had pulled the baby monitor off of the bookcase. 🙁  It was hanging by one of those things you hang stockings over the fire at Christmas.  That was my bad, I shouldn’t have had it there, but at the time it seemed like the perfect place for it.  Anyway, when it came crashing down it landed on a “burro” bank that had come from “somewhere” (I have no idea how we got it) and it pretty much smashed the thing to bits.  I snatched up my boy and checked his head for bumps because that would have been quite the bonk to the noggin.  He did NOT have a mark on him thankfully.  I think it scared him more than anything.  A little later in the day Qade decided to teach himself a lesson in gravity and took a header off the couch.  Ouch!  Poor guy!  He’s a tough little monster, but sometimes learning to navigate in this life is a little hard on a body.  It’s hard for mommy and daddy too.  You know that accidents are going to happen, and you know that you can’t “protect” your child from absolutely everything, but when it does happen you can’t help feeling guilty to a point.  I’m just glad that in his little hard knock day, Qade didn’t really get hurt, and maybe he did learn a few things after all.  Stu thinks that all people are born a genius and then we bang our brain cells out learning to crawl and walk.  Could be true. 🙂

P.S. I would really like to post some “new” pictures on here from our awesome camera, BUT our online picture site is undergoing some “construction” so to speak, so it’ll be a couple days.

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