Drizzly Day

Happy Thursday friends,
Last night Stu and I started watching “You’ve Got Mail” again. 🙂 I think he probably gets tired of re-watching all of my chick flicks, but it makes me happy that he’s willing to do it anyway. But I was thinking of the part where she says that she likes to start her e-mails as if they are in the middle of a conversation. I like to do that with my blog too. See, it’s a way for me to share just regular every day life with people I care about. I’m far away from good friends and family and it’s fun to think that even though there’s miles of distance between us, I can still share life with YOU. I find myself thinking of how I can “blog” about things that happen all day. It’s fun! Most of my “mental blogging” never makes it to cyber space, but that’s okay. It still gives my brain something to do besides diapers, cleaning, and lots of baby talk. 🙂
So last night I made this dinner recipe that I got out of my “semi-homemade” cook book. It was called Italian Chicken, and it was a slow cooker recipe which I LOVE. It had artichoke hearts in it, and tomatoes and mushrooms, veggie soup mix etc. Well, I did discover something that I hadn’t known before. I do NOT like artichoke hearts. Ha ha ha! Stu wasn’t really thrilled with them either. The chicken and other veggies tasted good though, and we had it over pasta. Still, I think we’ll cross artichokes off our list as ingredients. Which leaves me with a problem. I have 3 more cans of the stuff! I think I’ll make a veggie dip from them though. I have had artichoke dip before and like it so that should take care of the problem. I swept and mopped the floors just in time for Qade to throw down his sippy cup and get apple juice all over it. Ha ha! Stu vacuumed for me YaY! What a guy! It’s kind of discouraging when you spend a big chunk of your day cleaning, and yet nothing seems clean. Hmmmmm…. well, having a sweet little family is worth it anyway!
Today is kinda rainy, but kinda not. Sage is over and according to his mom didn’t sleep at all last night so I’m hoping he’ll make up for it today. The last couple of days he’s been so fussy and miserable that I’ve had to hold him a LOT, and I don’t like doing that too much because it takes away from my bubba. I’m thinking about making slow cooker Taco meatloaf today, but I’m not sure if I’m up for it…. there’s a zillion things to do today. Maybe I’ll just plan on grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. That’s always a winner on a chilly drizzly day. I need to cut Qade’s curtains, clean the kitchen, separate the ground beef and shredded cheese for the freezer, fold laundry, and various other things. What I’d really like to do is nap. Yeah right! 🙂 Life is one big adventure day after day! Hope you are all enjoying your own adventures. Ta ta