of a mornin’

I’m reading “The Secret Garden” again.  I like the “yorkshire dialect” written in it.  🙂  Anyway, this morning Stuart is sleeping.  I’m not sure how he slept last night, but I know he was totally wiped out.  We had a fun weekend away, but I can’t say it was restful.   I think he called in to school to take the day off.  You can only do so much when you’re running on empty after all.  I hope that today he can recoup.  I’ll have to baby him.  I think I can handle that.  I’m starting Qade out on his 3 solid meals a day schedule now that he’s 9 months.  He’s already been eating two.  He doesn’t mind the food part, but he really doesn’t like to have to “wait” for his morning bottle.  🙂  He did pretty well this morning with his oatmeal and bananas, but he was rather impatient for the bottle that was sitting right in plain view on the table.  Hmmm… maybe I should keep it out of sight till we’re done.  Yesterday Qade was quite the grumpy head.  We always have at leas one day of “transition time” after a trip or something to get back into our regular routine.  He went down for his naps pretty well, but he didn’t sleep nearly long enough.  But it helped in one way, he was totally ready to konk out at bed time.  😀  Sage came yesterday and had a bit of a cold or something.  Poor baby always seems sick!  Anyway, he was a bit fussy between 5 and 6pm.  I was holding him for a long time, then I put him down to give Qade his bath and when I picked him up again he was BURNING UP!  I took his temp under his arm and it was registering at 102.9!!!  Poor baby!  I gave him tylenol and his mom got there pretty soon after to pick him up.  I think she’s going to take him to the doc today just to make sure everything is okay.  RSV has been really bad around here, and that’s kinda scary.

Okay, well I have one very ‘ripe’ boy who needs to be changed and dressed.  Then he’s going to have a little room time while mommy has her coffee!!  Woo hoo!!!  Have a great day friends!

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