Today is an interesting “holiday” to me.  I’ve personally never thought we needed it.  I mean, I like the day “off” especially when I was teaching, but the actual person behind the day…. well, I’m going to get myself in trouble.  I believe what he did for equality and civil rights and all was awesome… but to give him a national holiday seems a little over the top.

Anyway, here’s our agenda for today.  *yawn*  Qade didn’t sleep well last night and ended up in bed with us for half of it.  Hence WE didn’t sleep that well. Ha ha!  He did fabulous the first night, but it’s still a struggle with the whole traveling thing.  I’m sure it’ll get better though.  So we’re going to get his pictures made (I can’t believe he’s 9 months already!!) and then after that we have the shopping to do.  We have to go to Cosco and get all of our “bulk” items.  Then I’ve got to make a trip to Albertsons and the Dollar Tree.  Wheeeeee!  After that we will probably be packing up and heading home.

It’s been a fun weekend, kinda busy, kinda tiering, but good!  It’ll be nice to be at home in our own beds tonight.  Hopefully that will help Qade sleep soundly all through the night! 🙂

Oh yeah, check out the cool blog I found called Unclutterer !

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