Wuv, twoo wuv

We had an AMAZING time today at the marriage conference by Dr. Gary Chapman!  He’s the author of “The Five Love Languages“.  The conference was not him just talking through the book.  He did mention the languages, but for the most part the sessions were extremely practical ways to strengthen and grow your marriage.  The sessions topics were on communication, dealing with conflict, expressing love, how to be the change your marriage needs and so on.  It was a day just PACKED with wonderful information and EXTREMELY practical ways to make your good marriage better, or to salvage a failing one.  Stu and I got there with high expectations, and we were not in the least disappointed!  Some advice he gave us to help keep our marriages healthy and growing was 1) to attend some kind of marriage event once a year and 2) to share a marriage book together every year.  We think those are great ideas!  I just wanted to pass at least that along, so that maybe you all could use them too. 🙂  Qade got to spend the day with his grandparents, and they all had a spectacular time.  He slept good, ate good, played a bunch and all around thrilled his doting grandma and grandpa!  I missed him because this was the longest we’d ever left him.  He was happy to see us when we did get back and greeted us with laughter!  How nice!  I was a little concerned about his sleeping last night because of the experience we’ve had the last couple times we traveled.  Yesterday morning when I got him up I started talking to him about how we were going to Oma’s and how he was going to sleep so well, and we were just going to think happy thoughts. 🙂  He did beautifully!  I was sooooo happy!  All in all, it’s been a great day!  I LOVE spending time with my husband, and I love getting happy smiles from my bubby.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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