Uh-huh, That’s what me and Qade have been doing all day!  I’ve never seen the poor boy yawn so much! 🙂  Oh well, it’s all his own fault anyway.  See, last night started out as blissful as usual.  Qade went to sleep at his normal bedtime, no fuss, just plain old sleep time.  I went to bed too, just a little later.  However around 12am Qade stopped sleeping and started crying.  Sometimes all he needs is for one of us to go set him back down or a quick snuggle and he’s back to la-la land.  Last night it worked just like that… the only problem was he wouldn’t stay in la-la land for longer than about 20 minutes!!  Our bedroom is upstairs and his down, so I was “tripping” down and up the steps several times.  Finally around 2ish I decided that it was completely not worth it.  By the time I’d get back up stairs from getting him to sleep and then actually relax enough to start to doze off, he would start up again. ARGH!  So my solution was to whisk him out of his bed and for us both to spend what was left of the night in the spare room bed.  That way maybe Daddy could get some sleep, and maybe Mommy could catch some zz’s too.  Qade actually slept really well once he stopped talking about the “move.” 🙂  What a cute boy!  Even when I’m “slightly” grumpy from lack of sleep, I still think he’s the cutest kid alive, and does such fun stuff!  I believe I traced the source of his problem last night to the fact that his 6th tooth has really not “cut” yet.  Poor kid.  Although I didn’t get as much sleep as usual, I still like to be the “rescue mom” who can make it better.  Having a “sleep over” in the spare room was NOT my plan for the night.  It’s cold in there, and I miss my main roomie!  BUT helping my baby boy feel better, and get some rest that his little body really needs is worth it all in the long run.  Today was kinda sleepy, and Sage came over so that threw some extra complications in the way.  I didn’t get the floors mopped like I wanted, and I haven’t packed a stitch for the weekend, but all of those are non issues.  My Qade needed mommy, and any other “sacrifice” is worth it so that he knows, even in his infancy, that he is a number one priority because we love him.  So that’s that for today.  I need to stop because I’m getting too mushy, and when I’m tired and mushy, I usually end up crying, and who wants to do that?! 🙂  Have a fun fun weekend, friends! I may or may not get a chance to post this weekend, but either way I’ll eventually tell you all about our fun conference later!  Toodles!

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