Lime Green Thursday!!

I even wore lime green!!  Of course that was an accident, because I totally forgot it was Thursday, but it still counts!  Anyway today was a good day.  I did NOT wake up with a dizzy head so that’s a plus.  However I DID wake up at 4:30 which was not a plus, but I eventually got back to sleep and caught a few extra zz’s. 🙂  The little Sage lad is sick so his mommy took him to the Dr. today.  He did eventually come (he has an ear infection- owie!) but not till nearly 2.  So before he got here I managed to get the floors swept and mopped.  Arg!  It’s not fun to mop a floor that NEVER looks mopped!  At least I have the security of knowing it’s clean even if it is really old linoleum.  Qade’s socks still get filthy while he’s crawling around, but I don’t think that ANY amount of scrubbing or carpet cleaning would resolve that.  Baby socks are somehow ionized (I’m sure of it) to attract dirt particles from outer space to come make them filthy. Hee hee.  I’m very thankful for washing machines.  Well, I did the floor while Qade napped.  Oh, it was so cute!  I was reading him one of his Beatrix Potter books that we got him for Christmas and he seemed really interested in it!  Then suddenly I looked down and he was totally zonked!  Ha!  It wasn’t even a long story, but we didn’t make it through.  So cute!  After his nap we took a hike on the road.  I wore the backpack today instead of trying to wrestle the stroller against the mud.  I LOVE that pack!  It’s so awesome!  We had a marvelous time!  Qade got quite a kick out of watching our shadow keep up with us!  The weather was very pretty, the road was very muddy, the pack was VERY heavy by the time we got done with our 2 miles.  I now have 2 very uncomfy nickel sized blisters on my heels as souvenirs.  But I’d do it again anyway.  It feel so good to be outside just doing stuff!  After Sage came we still had fun, but it was more challenging to me to try to keep Qade away from the baby.  I would prefer that he not catch a cold!  I made some creamy mushroom chicken for dinner which we had over rice with spinach and really yummmmmmy biscuits!!  Have you ever had the biscuits at Red Lobster? These taste just like them!!  WOW!  I’ll post the recipe on here later and y’all have GOT to give them a try!  So easy and soooo quick.  (That’s the only way I cook ha ha!)  We watched an episode of “The Cosby Show” season 1 and had some good laughs this evening.  Now it’s after 10 and I’m about to turn into a pumpkin so before I do- adieu! 🙂  (I’m in a weird mood tonight, sorry you all have to suffer for it! :-))

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