Crumbs on the carpet

I long ago decided that I could not be a “by the book” parent. Ha ha ha! For example: last night we were getting a big kick out of watching Qade crawl around. In his “roamings” he found the zwieback toast that he had dropped after his “snack.” There was my first “bad.” Mommy had decided it was more important to go for a walk with her Bub and her man than to sweep up the floor after dinner. So anyway he “discovered” it as if he’d not been munching on it earlier- ha! And even though at snack time it had not been acceptable and therefore thrown down, it was now a prized possession. I learned that Qade CAN crawl with something in his hand! 🙂 He would alternately crawl around and then sit and munch a bit. I know, some of you are gagging already just thinking about a baby eating something that had been on the floor. True, had we been in a restaurant or someone else’s house, I probably wouldn’t have let him. But these are our floors…. I know (generally) what’s been on them, and I figure he can’t get anything more from the piece of toast that dropped than he does from sucking his thumb once he’s been down there crawling. 🙂 He had a great time scattering crumbs all over and working on learning to bite. (He’s got 4 teeth so it’s a new experience!) Sure I’ll have to vacuum the mess and I do need to mop again (ALREADY??) since he spilled juice too, but I don’t mind the extra work. The point was we made some good memories, and Qade is learning essentials. No, I won’t let him crawl around with food all the time, but an occasional picnic on the floor won’t hurt. 🙂

The walk by the way was great! I got to carry Qade in the new back pack and I was surprised how easy it was!! It was pretty nippy out though and even though we were bundled up, we all had rosy faces when we got back in. We walked about a mile. It was starting to get pretty dark by the time we got back, but we had fun! The cat and dog went with us, Qade talked to them and us a lot of the way. The dog always makes him laugh for some reason. I highly recommend family walks! It’s one thing I really remember from my growin’ up years and something I want our family to do often. It’s such a better choice than sitting “together” to watch T.V. in the evenings. Hopefully we’ll be able to go again tomorrow night. It just depends on when Sage goes home. Take it easy and enjoy Lime Green Thursday!

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