Just another day..

Qade and I have been getting into a bad habit. 🙂 The last little while when he has got up around 6:30 or 7 instead of getting up to start the day, I bring the little pea pod (that’s how he looks in his sleep sac) to bed with me and we take a nap and get up around 8. 🙂 It’s been fun, but probably is over for now. I believe Sage is coming back tomorrow and since he normally shows up around 8 I need to be in more than my pj’s with my hair every which way. (sigh) Don’t ya hate it when vacations come to an end? Anyway, today was fun! Qade and I cleaned up his room. Ugh, the diaper pail really reeks when you open it to take the bag out, BUT it does a good job of containing the odor between times and that’s a serious plus! We also went through his wardrobe and put away the stuff that’s too small. *sniff* (mommy moment- I remember looking at these clothes and thinking, “Oh my that’s soooo big!” and now he’s grown out of them) We organized some of his closet stuff and I set up the baskets on his changing table. We also played a LOT on the floor today too. Qade did very very well with his first nap today! I was impressed! While he slept I did the elliptical. To keep myself more entertained while I was sweating away I listened to a podcast called “The Mighty Mommy.” It’s little 5ish min segments of mommy tips and they’re great! Well, fun to listen to anyway… you have to take everything with a grain of salt, but she has some good ideas. After that me and the boy had lunch and then we braved the weather and went for walk! Wow… I think I get extra points for pushing that stroller around the mud and ice and snow! If I had known what the road was like before we got all bundled up I wouldn’t have gone, but once we were out there I just had to keep going. Ha ha! It was an adventure and I’m sure I burned a bunch based on how hard I had to work. Oh yeah, so cute! Qade has recently started “dancing” when he hears music! He got several ‘musical” toys for Christmas. It’s so funny to watch him jive away while they’re playing! 🙂 I made spicy tacos for dinner and an apple crisp thing that, as yet, is untested. I plan to have some with whipped cream and decaf coffee this evening. It makes me feel better about dessert if I know it’s “fruit” ha ha! Well toodles for now devoted fans!
This is my cuddle bug after his bath! He always smells sooo good after we use the lavender baby wash on him. It’s supposed to help him sleep. I don’t know that it works, but it does smell good!

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