Qade is making his way into the world of “no-no’s” and baby gates. It’s funny in a way to see him sit right by the baby gate and cry because he can’t get to the other side. It doesn’t matter that the side he is on has a lot of space and some really awesome toys. In his little mind all he can see is the barrier, and how it must be so much more fun on the other side. What he doesn’t know is that the boundary is there to keep him safe. On the other side there is a very hot wood stove that would burn his delicate skin badly. I know this, that’s why I put the gate up. However while I was watching my little boy struggle with the boundary in his life it made me think about myself. How often do I inwardly sit at the “baby gate” and cry because I can’t get to the other side? Do I fail to notice all the wonderful things that are on “my side?” As I thought more about it I realized that just as I put up boundaries in Qade’s life to keep him safe, God does the same thing for me. There are boundaries that I’m thankful for and that bring security. For instance the boundaries of marriage. Stuart and I committed to each other and vowed before God to be faithful. That put up boundaries, but they are ones that bring security to our relationship. There are other boundaries in my life that I find myself not so thankful for. I have very definite ideas about our ministry and what should be happening, and sometimes I sit at the gates God has placed and fuss. Instead I should realize that those are there for my good and my family’s good. If they were gone the most likely thing to happen would be for us to take on too much and very quickly burn out. I’ve realized that in watching my sweet baby grow he is often an object lesson for God to use to teach me something true about myself. I’m going to take the hint and work on not trying to climb over my baby gates, but rather to enjoy all the wonderful things that God has placed for me WITHIN my boundaries.

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