The Daily Grind

I once heard of a coffee shop by that name.  I thought it was pretty creative.  I always keep a “weather eye” out for cool sounding coffee shop names.  My inlaw’s now live in Chino Valley and there’s a shop there called “Cup-a-Chino.”  Ha!  Last night Qade went to bed much better!  He fussed a bit but there was no screaming like on Saturday night.  Yay!!  This morning I was still groggily sleeping when Qade decided to wake up so I got him and took him to our bed and we got a little more zzz’s before tackling our day.  Stuart had to go to work today, but because the snow is “pouring” down he only had to stay half a day.  Hip Hip Hurray!  But while he was gone, Qade and I got busy.  I washed dishes while bubba worked on playing in his room.  He’s a hard worker when it comes to that too! 🙂  I also had a mountain of laundry to do so that was a going all morning too.  After the laundry came out of the dryer Qade and I folded it.  He’s such a good helper!  He pulled the clothes out and mommy folded them, then he chewed on some socks while I finished it up.  I also got to burn 300 calories on the elliptical this morning while Qade was napping.  I was pretty pleased with it.  I got it done in less than half and hour, so it’s not that time consuming, just boring!  I need to get some audio books or something to keep me entertained while I’m working out.  Hmm… after all that Qade and I had lunch and then I swept up the sweep-able parts of the floor.  I also febreezed the curtains, rugs and fabric furniture.  It makes such a difference when the place “smells” fresh, ya know?  Well, it’s time for me to put my little man down for his 2nd nap.  I’m trying to get him used to just 2 a day, but he’s starting to “melt down” now so he really needs a break.  Well, hope everyone’s Monday has been as good as mine.  I’m planning to make Kickin’ Chicken soup for dinner tonight.  It’s spicy and yummy, and if you add a bit of Pepper Jack cheese on top- mmmmmmm!!  Better than anything Campbell’s has come up with.  Ta ta friends!

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