Weight Watcher

That’s me!  I’m NOT dieting.  No, I tried that before, several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that as soon as I tell myself I’m “on a diet” all I can think about is food, and it becomes quite obsessive.  So what works for me is to make better choices.  For example, today I wanted to drink a Verner’s ginger ail!!  Yum yummmy!!  but instead I chose to have water because there are no “empty” calories in that water.  I also chose to go for my 2 mile walk instead of veg out and read the rest of Anne of Green Gables.  I think that if I consistently tell myself to make the better choice I will be encouraging better eating and exercise habits AND helping myself along toward my goal.  Oh, I also said NO to cheese cake and YES to a really good apple called a Honeycrisp.  I’d never heard of those apples before, but they really are delicious!!  So I bought a scale to help me reach my new year goal.  At first I thought I’d never want a scale in my house, but then I realized it’s hard to track your weight loss without one.  BUT I’m not going to hop on it every day.  I’ve decided that Fridays are my weigh in days (because sometimes I slip a bit on the weekend, so it’s better to weigh on Fri than on Mon- hee hee) and those are the only days I’ll weigh myself.  That way I can tell from week to week how it’s going.  I’m pretty encouraged about the whole thing actually.  Stu and I each gave one another a pedometer for Christmas.  How funny is that?  Neither of us asked for one, and we didn’t know the other had got us one either!  Fun!  So I’m working up to a 10,000 step a day program.  It’s harder to walk that many steps that you’d think!  I even took my 2 mile walk today, and even with all the mopping and such on top of that I only made it to 7,000!  So I’m going to have to make more of a conscious effort to get to my goal.  But anyway, all of those things combine to help me be motivated and be more energetic about getting it all done.  Cheer me on, my friends.  I know it can happen!

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