Pine needles everywhere and not a tree in sight!

Yep, that about sums up our house right now.  Stuart and I took down the tree on Monday (sniff).  Undecorating is never as fun as decorating for some reason.  But our poor tree was so dry and crispy that every touch sent a shower of pine needles EVERYWHERE!!  I mean really, how do they get behind the fridge????  I was taking the lights off and they were just a flying!  We cleaned up, I swept Stu vacuumed, we swept again…. and again, and yet they keep showing up!!  Today I swept AND mopped and yet I still see more needles!  Hmmm…. its as if they’re hiding in the carpet and when we’re not looking they come out to attack us.  Ha ha!  Oh well, it’s one of the fun aftermaths of Christmas time!  They smelled wonderful even if they were dry.  But it’s been keeping us busy.  Monday we “dug in” and really worked on getting the house cleaned up and organized.  Stuart is such a help!!  He cleaned with me all day, hauled wood, cleaned the garage, and THEN he organized the pantry!!! Yay!  It wasn’t as bad as some I’ve seen, but it did need some help, and now it’s all neat and tidy and logical.  We both get a little loopy when our house starts to feel disorganized.  I still have a massive project in my spare room/scrapbook room.  It’s become the “catch all” for things that have no home.  Right now it’s totally cluttered with Christmas paraphernalia like wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows and ribbons and some herbal tea (???).  But I’ll have to get to it later.  We’re going out of town tomorrow and will be at the inlaw’s for a couple days.  I did manage to get the hall way painted on Monday.  It took forever because it was a LOT of brush work and not as much rolling.  I just noticed some touch ups that need to be done as I was walking through today. (sigh) Today I mopped as I mentioned and have been doing a TON of laundry.  We have a mountain to fold before we hit the hay tonight!  I also took Qade to the doctor.  He’s been having a rough couple of days and I wanted to rule out ear infection before we left town.  He doesn’t have one, and the doc said he looks good, so I can’t figure out what’s going on with him.  He cries when he takes his bottle like it hurts somehow.  I can’t think that he’s teething again already!  He just cut the top 2 pretty recently, but maybe so.  Anyway, I hope he feels better tomorrow.  It’s not effecting him that badly and he’s still eating.  It just makes mommy sad when those big crocodile tears well up.  Well, that pretty much catches you up on our life.  Hope you all have had a smashing new year so far!  Ta ta

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