New Year’s Resolutions

So normally I swear off new years resolutions as kinda superfluous.  I think you should be making changes and growing all year.  But this year I have some specific goals and I think that writing them down will help.  I tend to categorize my goals as well, and that helps too!  So in case you were wondering here they are.Spiritual goals: Read through the Bible this year.  I’ve been reading a One Year Bible which is great because it divides it up by days to help you get through the whole thing in a year.  I started sometime this fall, but haven’t gotten every single day done so that’s one goal for this year.Personally: I want to lose 25 lbs by May. 🙂  I know this is possible with a little more discipline on my part.  I have the elliptical and pilates stuff, I just don’t “like” to do it.  However, now that you all know about it, you may ask me whenever you please how it’s going, and maybe that will help. :-)Family: Continue teaching Qade discipline by being patiently consistent.  I want to take as many opportunities to do things as a family as possible.  That means being creative in how we do “normal” stuff like clean the house, laundry and so on.  It’s much more fun as a family than doing it alone anyway, even if it does take a little longer.Projects: This year my goal is to paint Qade’s room in Jan.  The living room ceiling in Jan also.  In Feb or March (cause I think Feb’s going to be busy busy) I will paint the dining/family room.  By may I hope to have the Kitchen painted as well.  That will leave the “Spare Oom” for this fall.  I can’t plan any home improvements for the summer because of camp, but if I can get those other rooms finished it will do a lot for this house.Another project that I simply must get going on is Qade’s scrapbook.  My goal is to complete at least 2 pages per week on average.  This is something that Stuart and I can do together because he’s a very creative mind and that helps a LOT with scrapping.  Hopefully by Qade’s first birthday, we’ll be all caught up!Well those are the things I’ve thought of so far.  I’m not going to make a huge long extensive list of things I want to or must do because that will cause me to get overwhelmed and not want to do anything at all.  As it is I’m very motivated to get these things done and as I’m able to cross them off my list I know there will be other things to replace them.  Hope you have a great new year and enjoy making or breaking your own resolutions. 🙂