Sunday night we were just getting ready to head out the door for the evening service when I decided to change Qade before we went. Everything started out normal. I was talking to him while I got his cute little cargo pants off. However when I got to the actual diaper, things started to go not normal. First of all Qade decide that it would be a great time to practice his “fountain” trick. Ack! The towel from his bath was hanging on the changing table so I grabbed it quick to contain and mop up, BUT unbeknownst to me there was a terrible, icky, hairy, ugly spider lurking in that towel! So when I picked it up, the nasty beast ran along the changing pad and disappeared “somewhere!” I hate spiders, so I shrieked for Stuart as I yanked the half dressed, and starting to get upset Qade off the table. I sat him on the floor and pulled his shirt off in fear of the spider trying to hide in there. By this time a very blurry Stuart arrived in the door, “Did you say something?” Did I?!?! It wasn’t his fault though, he had just woke up from a nice Sunday afternoon nap. Hurriedly I explained the disaster, and as I was going to pick up the towel to wipe the pee off the wall I discovered where the disgusting arachnid had gone! The towel was again thrown down on the table. Forget the urine on the wall, there is a viscous creature holding us all hostage! I ask Stu to get the spider, but he says I need to get Qade out of the way first. I retrieve the original clean diaper off the floor and go to apply it to my naked, now crying baby only to find that he had also anointed the carpet where I had sat him. *sigh* There was no way at this point I was going to touch that towel, so I got Qade diapered and into jammies as quick as possible and then went to enlist some paper towels. In the mean time Stuart was shaking the towel trying to get the spider off into a better squishing position, but the thing did NOT want to let go with even one of his eight legs. Eventually Stuart won! I’m not sure how, I was done seeing the ugly creature, and just wanted the assurance that he would not return. Stu smushed him and then threw his remains into the wood stove. Qade recovered from the trauma of the whole event faster than mommy did, but it’s all better now. I wish I could go to church in my jammies too, but I’m not willing to go to those measures for it. 🙂

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