Snowflakes keep falling on my head!

I just love frosty Decembers!! I don’t particularly like being cold, but when there’s a fire crackling merrily inside and I can wear my Woolrich house shoes and an oversized sweatshirt while I sip coffee or coco and watch the snow gently falling out side the window- tis bliss! And if there’s Christmas music playing in the background what more really, could you ask for? Well, I would ask for my hubby to be home with me so that we could snuggle. 🙂 Then I’d be even warmer!! woo-hoo!!!
Anyway, yesterday me and Qade took a little nap together after Sage left. Qade’s nighttime wakings are wearing us both out! I’m not sure exactly what’s causing them because he was on such a roll with sleeping soundly all night and now he’s waking up 2 times or more just wailing at the top of his lungs. I know better than to feed him at that point. Don’t want to encourage the behavior after all. I read recently though “somewhere” to give the baby water if he’s waking up at night and maybe he’ll decide it’s not worth it just for water. Of course this is only AFTER they are on solids. So last night I figured I’d try it, and gave Qade a sippy cup with good ol’ H2-O in it. He just seemed to get a kick out of it more than anything. I rocked him for a lil bit to get him to calm down and then left him in his crib with the cup. He DID go back to sleep, unlike his mom who was as awake as could be *sigh*. Just about the time I did close my eyes I heard over the monitor the familiar wail. Maybe I’m a bad mother, but I just turned down the volume and let him work it out. I kept an eye on the little lights that indicated the amount of noise, and it actually didn’t take him too long to drop off. Poor guy. I hate to hear him or let him cry, but sometimes I think it’s the best thing. If nothing is “wrong” then he needs to just be able to sooth himself back to sleep. That way both of us would be waking up more refreshed in the morning. 🙂 Right now he’s in his bed supposed to be napping since Mr. Grumpy-head made his debute again this morning, but he doesn’t seem at all interested in a nap. I’ll give him some time, right now he’s talking to himself, maybe that’ll make him sleepy. Hee hee.
Have a fun day, friends, and cherish those mommy moments if you have them. 🙂 Yesterday I was rocking Qade and he konked out, but rather than put him right into his bed, I just held him a bit longer and looked at his beautiful face. Those are the sweet moments I never want to forget.

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