Christmas time’s a comin!!!!

Wow! I thought that I’d eventually grow out of my Christmasy excitement once I “became” an adult, ya know? However I am here to announce that it is alive and well and probably just as strong as ever. Of course now I’m more excited about it being Qade’s first Christmas than I am for my own “loot.” IMG_7576Ha! Even though the gifts and all at Christmas have always been exciting, that’s not really what stands out in my mind. It’s the festive memories of family and fun and just enjoying it all. Of course as a kid you’re mind is naturally somewhat absorbed in what you’re going to get, BUT for us growing up, it was not completely about that. We would always be so devastated if we somehow found out what our gifts were… and even if we had a pretty good guess, we’d never say it because we LOVED the surprise and anticipation aspect of it. Christmas to me has ALWAYS been magical. There have been some Christmases that didn’t live up to expectations, of course. Life doesn’t seem to care if it’s Christmas or not when people get sick or bad things happen. Those are not the memories of Christmas though, and when this holiday rolls around those thoughts do not come into my head. This is the season for love, and family, and making things special for the ones you care about. That’s my goal now. Not to get up all excited on Christmas morning just to see what’s in my stocking, but to make those same kind of magical memories for my kids that they can drag with them when they “become” adults. I hardly think that all the gifts and gadgets will be going along. 🙂

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