Tooth Teethers

Today when Sage was dropped off, his mom told me that she thinks he’s teething. So it’s just me and the 2 teething babies at home today. The dog and cat are outside in the f-f-f-freezing cold, but they begged for it so I suppose it’s what they wanted. Anyway, I got the kitchen cleaned and the living room straightened up before Sage got here. Qade has been a little pistol the past couple of days. I’d like to completely blame it on teething, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Even if he is teething, and I’m only suspecting so, I haven’t seen any signs of teefers coming out yet, I still can’t let him get away with temper tantrums. He has a vendetta against getting changed and dressed recently, and I’m cracking down on the back arching and screeching that go with it. I do feel bad for him. If he is teething then I know it’s got to be very uncomfortable and on top of that you have mommy and daddy trying to teach you what is off limits in your new world of mobility, so it’s got to try his patience for sure. Still, if he can learn to control his reactions at an early age it will get him far in life. I don’t like having to be firm when I’d rather just cuddle him and make it “better.” But I guess we’re both learning. I’m learning that consistent discipline is the best course of action, and he’s learning that Mommy loves him enough to say “no” to bad behavior. Course he probably doesn’t know he’s learning that. Ha ha! But ultimately he’ll be a happier baby for it. He’s still a fun lovin’, happy go lucky guy most of the time, and his little smiles just melt my heart every day!