More Paint Please

So this morning I’m sitting in the dining room looking at the pale walls and thinking of the brilliant colors that I want to splash all over them! I’ve picked out a very awesome RED for the principle wall and the others will be a Kakki-ish color to complement. Even though I despise white walls I know that you can’t use too much of the deep colors or you’ll get even more of a dungeon effect. It’ll just be a more colorful dungeon. 🙂 Anyway, I LOVE the colors I’ve done in the living room!!! It’s just so fun to sit in there now. Prettier walls and much lighter, and plus there’s a Christmas tree with festive lights that I keep on all day, and oodles of gifts under it. I was just thinking though, that not one of those packages is for me. *Gasp!* Most of them are for Qade, and some are the ones we’re giving away, but it looks pretty anyway. Ha ha! So now my “interior design” mind has been at work and I have a list of priorities, I think. First, paint the ceiling in the living room (because it really looks awful compared to the amazing walls hee hee) Second, paint Qade’s room. We have to do some spackle work first because of the heater installation. Third, paint the dining room. Fourth the Kitchen (because that’s going to be quite a bit of work to get the look I want). And finally the “spare oom” and bathroom. We shall see how long it takes to get through that list. probably awhile, but that’s okay. Each new room will be motivation to do the rest!

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