The Difference Between Mommies and Daddies

In Christian circles the differences between men and women are emphasized. Probably because our culture has done it’s best to erase any such distinctions. However, I do think that it’s coming back around to a point and some people are embracing the difference. This is no where more evident than in the piles of baby magazines that you have the opportunity to browse through while in an OB waiting room.:-) When I was expecting Qade one article I read was talking about the difference in how Mom and Dad handle baby. It was interesting and even though I don’t remember the entire content of the article, the part that I did take with me was a caution to moms not to “freak out” when daddy is doing something “different” with the baby. At the time I was reading it, I was as yet, an expecting mother only, so things don’t sink in the same as after you’ve a bit of experience. I thought it was kind of irrelevant I suppose, but very quickly after the birth of our son, I did realize that there ARE indeed differences in how dad’s deal with baby! Shocker! My mind frequently goes back to those words about letting dad “figure out his own way” and the thing about it is, if I were in the situation I would handle it thus and such, but the way daddy does it is often *gasp* better! Okay, maybe it’s not a matter of better or worse, it really is just different. Stuart is so good with Qade even in a discipline situation. He stays so patient and works with our small fry to help him learn the big “no-no.” And sometimes my mother’s heart just wants to cave in and blame a fit or disobedience on something else. “He’s teething,” or “It’s past bed time, he’s too tired.” Yet in that way I’m not really helping or truly loving my boy. I think, at that moment, that cuddling would be better than a firm, “No-No!” except it’s not really teaching him something he needs to know. Instead it’s showing him that he can manipulate mommy. Stuart and I discussed discipline and other “parenty” things before we even knew we were going to have Qade, and we are completely in agreement that Mom and Dad have to be on the same team. Therefor when Dad is dealing with the children, Mom is completely backing him. That means not just biting your tongue when a situation is taking place, but rather totally agreeing with what Daddy is doing. As a dad and a hubby and a man, he needs that support just like you need his. So the next time dad is interacting with the munchkins whether it be playful or serious, remember it’s not just “okay” to do things different, it’s best!

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