Teething Trouble

About a month ago, or a little more, Qade started teething his top teeth. He was pretty miserable and very easily upset because of the pain. Poor guy, I wish I could just do it for him! Anyway, no teeth emerged even though his gums were much softer than they had been before. Last night I noticed him kinda chomping on his lips like he had before and sure enough, today Mr. Grumpy-head came out. I can’t say I blame him because I get pretty grumpy when I’m in pain or don’t feel good too. I hope though, that this time the teeth will actually come through so that he, and we, can get it over with. I gave him a bit of Motrin to help take the edge off, and a “biter biscuit” for him to gnaw on. I’m freezing some wet washcloths for him to suck/chew on. It seems to work better than a teething toy because he really likes to chew on the rags, even at bath time. 🙂 If you think about it, pray for my little teether. I’m sure we’ll both appreciate it!

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