Accessories of Motherhood

I am so happy to be a mommy!  Besides becoming a wife it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.  I’ve made some observations though about how life changes when you go from being a wife to being a wife and mommy.  I’ve never really been “into” fashion so my accessories were always pretty basic.  However I nearly always had on a necklace, ear rings and watch.  Sometimes a bracelet.  IMG_7655As a mommy though I find myself wearing much different things.  Instead of a designer handbag (which I never had anyway- tee hee) I carry a big diaper bag packed with every imaginable thing we could possibly want while away from home, and often over one arm is the infant carrier which is getting WAY too heavy! Instead of a necklace and bracelet, my wardrobe is accented with baby drool, snot and spit up!  I’m frequently seen with a burp rag on my shoulder instead of a scarf.  The shoes I wear are for comfort and quick footedness as I chase the every curious, now moving, little boy away from “no-no’s.”  I often have whatever gormet delights that he has been enjoying on my own clothes as somehow baby cereal and baby food magically morph from the spoon to your hand, elbow, shoulder, hair.  I personally think the baby hands help too. 🙂  I walk around humming lullabies and old “Patch” songs I learned as a kid.  I take great delight in fun new discoveries like splashing water as high as possible in the bathtub.  Standing unsupported at the coffee table, and the now favorite, crawling on the floor just to see what could be down there!  My accessories may have changed, and when I look at some of my unmommied friends and see their perfect hair and totally coordinating outfits with great matching jewelry, I don’t envy them a bit!

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