Go, Bubba, Go!

Yay for Qade!!  He finally figured out how to crawl forward!!  It was on Thursday and I was wrapping some Christmas gifts on the floor.  Well, he just decided that wrapping paper was too good to pass up!  He really concentrated and just got those hands and knees moving in the right direction!  It was soooo adorable!!  I even gave him some paper to play with as a reward!  However, now that he’s got it figured out, nothing is safe!!  I had a bow on his new cousin Aiden’s package and Qade was determined to have it and he got it too, but now it’s in the trash. 🙂  It’s so fun to watch him learn and discover new things!!  Yesterday I sat him in the living room by the coffee table while I was doing dishes.  I heard this really big grunt and when I turned around I could see his head OVER the coffee table!!!  he had grabbed the edge and was attempting to pull himself up!!  He got as far as his knees and couldn’t quite figure out how to get to his feet, but I’m sure it won’t be long, he’s pretty insistent that he should be a movin’ groovin’ guy!

Anyway, the babyproofification of our house needs to happen this weekend.  I’m not going to get to freakish about it because I believe that babies are part of the family not the center of the family, so he’s going to have to learn that things are off limits for him rather than me just put absolutely everything away till he’s 5.  We are going to install latches on most of the cabinet doors.  I’ll leave the tuperware one for him to get into. 🙂  He already loves playing with the plastic dishes.  We have the safety plugs for the outlets and I’m going to have to really watch him with cords because he has this attraction to them.  Of course we’ll not have stuff that he can hurt himself with lying around too.  He’s already learning “no-no” so hopefully it’ll sink in quickly what is his and what is not. 🙂  It’s just so fun to be a mommy, and our little boy is just so much fun!  We enjoy watching him learn and discover and are soooo glad we get to be a part of it!

I’ll post some pictures on here later of the actually crawling event.  I have to upload them first though, and I’m feeling lazy right now. 🙂  So stay tuned.  Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

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