No Bull

Yesterday Stuart came home a little early and as Qade was napping still, I took the opportunity to take my 2 mile walk.  It was nice just to walk alone and briskly down the dirt road.  Not that I mind taking Qade.  It’s one of the fun things we get to do, but it was just nice to get some fresh air and breathing space.  As it runs out I’m kinda glad I didn’t have Qade with me.  I was walking along with the dog and I noticed that there was “something” in the road up ahead.  The sun was shining in my eyes so it took a minute for me to figure out that those blobs up ahead were cows!  There’s a good friend of the Noggle family who rents their land for his cows and he told me that he was going to move them to this side of the road after Thanksgiving.  So sure enough there they were.  When we got a little closer they stopped walking and just stared at me and the dog.  Then one of the big gals took off running and Cisco, of course, thinking he’s all macho dog, had to chase it!  They all moved off the road for me, except one…..  the bull. :-O  Now Jim told me there was a bull, but he said he’s “friendly” whatever that means in bull language.  All I knew was that he weighs several several hundreds of pounds more than me!  I kept my cool though, looked right at him and walked on by.  He only seemed mildly curious, but wasn’t about to relinquish his spot on the road for one measly dog and some weird lady.  One good thing is he has no horns so he’s not as intimidating as he would have been otherwise.  So that was my big adventure. Ha ha!

This morning is going pretty well.  It’s overcast and wintery looking out there, but I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough to get snow. 🙁  I do wish for it though.  Around Christmas time I always feel like I’m missing something when there’s no snow.  Guess that’s what I get for growing up in Colorado!  But aside from that things is good.  I had yet another wretched diaper from Sage.  Oh, was it bad!  I was actually gagging while I changed his diaper, and that stunt is usually reserved for Stuart!  Plus on top of that I had to suction Qade’s nose, and that’s kinda sick too.  Man, the things you do when you’re a mommy!  Speaking of… I think I’m getting whiffs of a second helping from Sage- Oh No!!!!

Well, before I get to that I’ll just tell you that Qade and I had fun this morning doing some Pilates together!  On one of his Baby Einstein DVD’s there’s a bonus section from this lady who teaches Pilates and she showed some moves you can do with your munchkin so you add play time to work out time.  It’s pretty cool!  Hopefully we’ll be able to fit some in every morning.  That would help my saggy belly a bunch I think. Hee hee.  Okay, I’m bracing myself for this icky diaper, help!  Have a wonderful day full of pleasant odors. 🙂

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