Sleeping Babies

Both the lil guys are asleep at the moment. Hopefully it will last for several more moments. 🙂 This morning I had to deal with a doozy of a diaper from little Sage! WOW! I just about lost it! Not that it was any worse than I see regularly, but the smell would just about knock you down! I’ve learned that you kinda get used the odors your own little one puts out, but other babies can really dish out some gruesome things. Ha, so how’s that to start out a blog post! Sorry, just sharing my own life experiences on here. Hee hee!

Today I’ve got laundry and dishes and such on my list to do. Actually I don’t have a “list” I just know they need to get done. Ya know that part in scripture where Christ says, “The poor you’ll always have with you.”? Well, sometimes it feels like he should have added laundry and dishes to that list too. 🙂 I am thankful though that I have a dishwasher AND my dryer is now working correctly!! Can you imagine what life would have been like way back when they had to wash everything in a bucket by hand? It’s no wonder they wore the same clothes day after day. I really am spoiled. But heaven will be even better because there will be no laundry!

Yesterday I had to take Qade in for his flu shot. He got one last month, but for some reason after their first shot they have to have a booster a month later. Don’t ask me why. I hate having to get my boy poked, but the nurse did such a fabulous job that he didn’t even know it happened till he already had a bandaid on and was getting dressed again. 🙂 He only just barely complained and I think it was more because someone he didn’t know was messing with him. I’m just glad it was fast! Anyway after that I had to run to Walmart to pick up our Christmas cards (yay-fun!!) and I found some baby rice crackers for Qade. I’ve been giving him these club cracker sticks to practice munching on, but I think they are too salty for his tastes. These rice ones are made for babies so they don’t have all that added fat and salt that we adults like. 😀 Anyway, he got to much on one while Stu and I had dinner and he really enjoyed it! Well, I’m not sure how much he actually swallowed but he did have a grand time chewing and spitting it out. Ha! It was pretty fun to watch too. He’s getting really good about eating his baby food. I’ve been introducing new things to him as they recommend, but probably not as fast. I don’t feel like I need to rush him into eating everything right now. He’s had peas (loved it) squash (did great!) apple sauce (did NOT like it- I think it’s a texture thing) bananas (likes real banana, but not so keen on the baby food kind hmmm…) and yesterday he ate carrots and like those really well too. Besides that he has cereal every day, and he does really well with that. I think I’ll finish up his carrots today and tomorrow try pears. I can’t figure why he likes all the veggies better than the fruit, but I guess it’s a good start to healthy eating!

Well, must go! The Christmas cards are calling and begging me to start addressing them so I’d better get going on that. Have a wonderful day, friends!

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