Turkey weekend!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! We ended up having my family (parents and brother- other bro and wife couldn’t make it *sniff*) and Stu’s family (parents, foster bro, Uncle and girlfriend, her 2 granddaughters, and Stu’s 2 cousins and grandma) all at our house for the big event. I got up at 6 something to get the “bird” in the oven. We had a 23 pound gobbler to cook. I read some stuff online about what to do for seasoning and such. There are some good ideas out there. Next year I think I’ll soak it in brine for 24 hours before we cook it. However it did turn out well this year too, and was quite nummy! Everyone brought something so the whole meal didn’t fall on my shoulders.  It was still a lot of work, but it was fun too, and after it was all over I got a good neck rub from my mom.

The day after the turkey carnage we had “projects” to do, oh yeah!  Stuart and his dad got busy crawling under the house and cutting holes in the wall so they could hook up the heat in Qade’s room.  None too soon either for it was only 10* that night!!  We’d been using a space heater lest any of you think that our poor boy was in there freezing, but now he has his very own wall unit and it works nicely to keep him toasty at night.  While they were busy with all of that me and my mom and bro were slathering the walls with primer and paint!  It took a long time, but I was sooooo thankful for their help because it would have taken ages without them.  As it was by about 3pmish or so I had a brand spankin’ “new” living room!!!  Yay!  I just couldn’t take the paneling. I’ve lived in too many houses with it and it makes it so dark inside.  So now I have a pleasantly light room.  Two walls are a deep maroon color and the rest are a light gray with red undertones so it all goes together VERY nicely!  I’ll post some pictures of it up here as soon as I get the slideshow thing figured out.  If I don’t get it figured out then I’ll just post some the regular way-ha!

On Saturday, even though I’ve totally sworn off the “black” weekend shopping, we had to go to town to get our tree!!!  It was so fun!  The Home Depot actually had some really good trees for not so much!  I was impressed, and ours is a very aromatic “noble fir” with very thick branches.  I just can’t wait to decorate it!  After we got the tree we had to brave Walmart for some “stuff.”  It wasn’t too bad.  We actually made it through the line lickity split which is always the worst part about the wally world experience.

One thing we just happened upon in the store were these cups of coffee that were self heating.  We were skeptical of course, but decided we HAD to give it a try. 😀  So I got the French Vanilla Latte and Stu got the Rich Hot Chocolate.  After we got all loaded up in the Envoy we got our special drinks out and gave it a whirl.  You had to push this button on the bottom to do uh… something, and then you waited a few minutes and sure enough it started to get hot!!!  The cup said it was a technology called “quicklime” or something, but either way it worked, and we got to enjoy a toasty drink all the way home!  It was cool too, because it stayed hot the whole time rather than cooling like a regular drink.  Still even though it was totally cool I think that 2 bucks for a 9.5 oz drink is a bit much. 😉  But it was worth it for the fun we had in the process.

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