Two Mile Walk

Qade and I have been taking a 2 mile walk, well it’s a 2 mile RIDE for Qade, but he loves it just the same. There is this big rock in the dirt road up to our house that is just about a mile, so we walk there and back for a really nice walk. We got a really nice jogging stroller for Qade, but I have to tell you that even with those amazing tires, it is a workout trying to push that buggy up the sandy hill. The last half of the road is mostly Arizona sand and the stroller more snowplows than rolls through it. 🙂 But I need the exercise anyway. Qade just loves to be outside!! Even if he’s having a fussy day, when I take him out he’s happy. I love that! The dog usually goes with us, but he’s busy chasing imaginary rabbits. Sometimes the cat condescends to come too, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much. 🙂 Yesterday we had to cut our walk down to only a mile because there was a really BIG thunder cloud that came up and started chasing us! It never did rain, but there was lightning and thunder. I’m not willing to brave those critters just for the sake of exercise. Ya got to draw the line somewhere…. so lets break out the dark chocolate and celebrate. Hee hee!

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